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Contest Bento Fail- Cherry Blossom theme: Fried Squid & egg Sakura Tree

Today's post is a bento from a while back. I made this lunch to enter a contest with, and it's my most decorated bento ever (and the only one I've made a picture in). As of now, it has failed two contests. Hm, I guess I'd better give up on it.

Bottom tier contains a rice sky colored with blue food dye, egg yolk sun, tree branches made from fried squid tentacles, cherry blossoms and windblown petals made from egg whites colored shades of pink with food dye, cherry blossom centers of black sesame seeds, and a little nori cat to enjoy the scenery. (A rabbit would have made more sense, but I didn't have a rabbit punch.)
Top tier contains sweet and sour fried squid rings and tentacles cooked with onions, carrots, bean sprouts, and green peppers, and a fruit salad with blueberries and cherry blossoms made from bananas and apples. A pink rabbit pick hiding in the fruit and a pink rabbit bottle of soy sauce continue the rabbit theme of the bento box as well as the pink of the cherry blossoms.

I really liked the idea of using fried squid to make a cherry blossom covered tree. It didn't come out nearly as elegant and beautiful as I hoped it could though. I guess the squid doesn't lend itself perfectly to form.

Zeus called it a "Cthulu tree". Darn it.
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