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Orange Chicken & Chinese Rice leftovers bento --- Don't microwave raw carrot

Today's post is a pretty simple lunch.
Top tier contains orange chicken from leftover Chinese takeout with carrot hearts I added, and some broccoli from the orange chicken with some extra broccoli and carrot hearts I added.
Bottom tier contains the leftover Chinese rice with added carrot bits and hearts, and a cup of blueberries.

This is where I learned Do Not Microwave Raw Carrot Slices.

Since I had the leftover food I wanted to add carrots to, I cut out my hearts, put them on a paper plate, and microwaved them to cook them fast so they could be added in. Within a few seconds there was a firey flash from the microwave. I stopped it immediately and puzzled over the scorch marks on the paper plate and a few carrot edges.

Unsure of what had happened, I moved the slices away from the scorch marks, and tried again while watching. Sure enough, the carrots were somehow causing little bursts of fire. So, I then removed it, put all the slices in a bowl of water, and microwaved that. Much better. >^_^< .
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