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Panheer Makhani, Spaghetti, & Make-A-Wrap -- Plus new Freshness Keepers boxes

Today's post is getting a few of the tupperware bento lunches out of the way that I made in my transition back into bento-making for work, as well as introducing some nifty new boxes I found for extra cheap, for those of us who do enjoy the Lock & Lock style boxes for rushed meals or when simple, microwavable containers are needed.

Visiting the Ocean State Job Lot in town, I found these nifty Lock & Lock lookalikes for extra cheap. They are called Freshness Keepers. I got a 250ml round for $1.00, a 400ml rectangular for $1.25, and a 600ml round for $1.50. They are microwave safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, and labeled with a temperature range of -20 to 120 degrees C. The Lock & Lock similar hinges and seals are great, and I like the additional shapes they give me for a wider range of packing options when I need to grab and go.

My first meal here has Panheer Makhani from a ready-to-serve pouch package I got at Ocean State Job Lot for $2.00. I used the 250ml round to pack half the package (The serving size was 1/3, but I found 1/2 to be good for a meal- it didn't look like much, but it was very filling. The chewy cheese chunks were the oddest thing about it, but it was very good.)
I used the 600ml round to pack a couple of hamburger buns that I toasted so I could warm them in the microwave at work (no toaster oven there), and a Hello Kitty cup of butter.

Next to it is a Cinderella spoon I got a the Dollar Tree with a matching fork because I liked the pink and the green on the handles, and my toothbrush-holder-turned-flatware-case. You may notice through the case that the spoon fits without any extra space beyond the handle- I'll be posting later about how I cut out about an inch or so of the plastic and glued it back together to make a perfectly sized case.

Here I have packed leftover pasta with homemade sauce, topped with Parmesan cheese where I attempted a silly kitty face drawn in with a toothpick. >^_^< I used my 870ml Lock & Lock box without its 4 inner dividers- I have used a Sure Fresh 3.85oz mini container to pack blueberries so I could put a lid on them (no more blueberry juice on my other food!), and a heart cup of broccoli and carrot hearts.

Here I packed myself a make-a-wrap lunch because I needed to go fast. I have ham, mustard in the little cup, an inside container with peppers and tomatoes, and a baggie with the tomato basil wrap and some cheese slices.

I have since started stickering my cheap little containers for some better bento cuteness. More to come on that. >^_^< .

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