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Quick Product Review: $8 Microwave Rice Cooker / Pasta Cooker

Filling in for today is a quick review of this Microwave Rice & Pasta Set I got at a Walmart last year for about $8.00. The set was labeled "MiracleWare", and labeled with Walmart's name brand "Mainstays".

The exact same set was also available at Target under a different name for about $9.00. It can also be found here at as the "Progressive International Microwaveable Rice/Pasta Cooker Set", although at a higher price.

I love this thing. It's great for me! I haven't tried to use it for pasta yet, I don't have much trouble leaving that on the stove, but I love this for rice. Our microwave is a bit high-powered, so I turn the power level down to 70% as recommended, and I get great rice every time. I have experienced the overflow problem that larger batches can have, but it's never very much, and when the microwave plate is clean anyway, a quick rinse-off is a breeze.

I have used regular long-grain rice and found that if I take the time to wash the rice as I do with sushi rice, the cooker will turn it out with a fantastic level of stickiness. I can stick even the long grain rice together into shapes no problem! If I'm feeling lazier, I can skip the washing and get good old regular, fluffy, tasty rice.

So, all around, a great rice cooker to have around- cheap, good performance, easy to use, easy to clean, easy to store- I'd recommend it to anyone. >^_^<

And that concludes today's Quick Product Review. >^_^<

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