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Bento Gear Catch-Up, Part 2

Here's some more nifty stuff I picked up for bento-making, fairly recently even. >^_^<

What's up with the bath scrubbies on the top of this picture? Well no, they're not for bento, but I wanted to better show what I had found at the Dollar Tree in the quest for bento gear. >^_^<
I got these nifty sauce containers to use by checking the bathroom isle for these Toiletry Kits.

At the Dollar Tree I picked up both a pink and a white toiletry kit, each of which came with two little containers perfect for sauces, and three bottles. The containers hold 30 ml, the same amount as my Hello Kitty cups, but they're 2.5 cm high and 4.5 cm wide, so they're as short as the "disposable" sauce containers I'd been using when I wanted to put sauce in the shorter tiers of my bento boxes but the Hello Kitty cups were too tall. They're wider than the Hello Kitty cups, but they should work nicely. The bottles hold 81 ml (2.7 oz), and are 10 cm tall and 3.75 cm wide. I'm not really sure what to do with the bottles. Side bottles of salad dressings, maybe, although 30 ml is usually plenty of dressing for a bento-sized salad. Maybe I could use them for travel bottles of furikake.

One of the best things about these containers is the fact that they're all plastic- there are no waxed cardboard cap inserts like I've seen on other sets, so I don't need to worry about how to keep those clean and food safe. On the subject of food safe, I'm not entirely sure about these containers, since they're not intended for food and do not bear any food-safe symbols on them, however, I'm not too concerned about it for myself, as far as these little things go.

Also in the picture are the colorful cupcake picks I found at the A.C. Moore craft store for $1.99. I also got these with a half-off coupon, since I buy almost everything there with those. >^_^< I realized from looking at the package that these are meant as clips to hold up little cards, but I think they're cute just to use on their own. These are from a while back, as you may have seen in several of my posted bento meals. >^_^<

And last, a couple more paper/nori punches I picked up at the Dollar Tree, since I found a couple more shapes I liked. >^_^< Yay cute punches for a reasonable price! >^_^<

The other bento supply I've picked up recently is this organizer from JoAnn Fabrics full of little screw-top jars, which I plan to use for storing pre-punched nori cut outs. >^_^< I've been looking for a source of tiny containers to keep pre-punched nori in to keep decorative bentos fast, and the small nori shapes easy to access. I saw this one, and determined that it was the most fitting one I've seen, since it has 30 jars to use for different shapes, and each one has a screw-on lid, which should keep the nori fresh in the containers (i.e., crisp and dry, and not old/soft, I hope). >^_^<

This organizer box is 13.5 cm x 16.25 cm x 3.5 cm, and each jar inside is about 3 cm high and 2.5 cm wide. The little jars hold about 8ml each, which sounds like a lot less that it appears to actually be- they may even be great little containers for furikake, or mustard or something, in a bento if needed in a pinch.

They may even be a little on the big side for storing nori punches, but I think they should work pretty well, and it's definitely the best set I've seen. Not sure about the plastic being "food safe", but I don't think it'll hurt anything. Yay for finding some screw-on cap organizers for potential freshness. >^_^<

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