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Bento Gear Catch-Up, Part 1

So, here I have a backlog of bento gear photos I never got around to posting about..

Many months ago I was on the lookout for potential bento gear all the time. I ended up finding a lot of nifty stuff at dollar stores, both at the chain Dollar Tree and at the little dollar store in the mall called Wow, Only $1.00. Although the mall dollar store is the sort that charges more for some items.. But they did have a lot of great kitchen items on their wall for $1.00 each. >^_^<

At the Wow, Only $1.00, I found this plastic "Pot Sticker" press, which is for making dumplings that are called gyoza in Japanese. I've also seen someone on a bento community use one to press some small peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for cuteness, so I figured there were a few things that could be done with this. >^_^<

I also got a little collection of tart molds/pans there. I got a 4-pack each of these three types of little tart molds/pans. I'm not sure what to do with the bigger ones, maybe use them for some little cheesecakes, or something otherwise slice-able. I figured I might try something like that with them sometime. The others could make nifty little quiches and stuff perfect for bento boxes. >^_^< These were all $1.00 per 4-pack, so much better than the ones that were $1.00 per each pan at the A.C. Moore craft store.

The red heart picks pictured here are from the Valentine's Day stuff that was on clearance sale at the Jo-Ann Fabrics craft store. Just had to grab some. >^_^<

At the Wow, Only $1.00, I also found this cute little ice cube tray. >^_^< I can't think of much to do with it for bento, other than making small candies perhaps, but it was too cute not to get. >^_^<

Also, I have more mini cookie cutters, and I finally got my full sized heart-shaped silicone baking cups! Yay! >^_^< Pictured under the full sized heart baking cups are two of the mini heart baking cups and one of the regular sized silicone baking cups I already had, for size comparison. The heart baking cups are oddly larger than the regular ones.

I got all these at the A.C. Moore craft store. I picked up most things one at a time with half-off coupons, over a period of several weeks. I got sets of the heart shaped and flower shaped Wilton fondant cutters to add to the rest of my collection. >^_^< These sets were $2.99 each. Too bad they didn't have them at the Marden's when I got the star, leaf, and 5-petal flower shaped sets there for $0.59 a set. -- As usual, the quality of shape of the smallest cutters is not fantastic, but was easy to modify into great shape with a small pair of flat jewelry pliers. >^_^<
(Any needle nose pliers with a decent tip would probably work fine!)

I also grabbed butterfly and bunny shaped cookie cutters from the spring selection of cutters at the A.C. Moore. Yay! I think they'll make some nifty mini-sandwiches and stuff that will [just barely] fit in the bento boxes.. >^_^<

And finally, the cutest little paper/nori punch I've seen at the Dollar Tree yet! I love this adorable little crab! >^_^<
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