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Dollar Tree's "Cooking Concepts" paper baking cups (125 pack) = Bad Idea

I have found out that I can no longer use the 125-pack of Cooking Concepts paper baking cups I found at the Dollar Tree for bento arrangement.

Cooking Concepts 125-pack paper baking cups = Bad Idea

So far, I had only bought the gold kind- they came in red, blue, gold, and tan. I found out that they look much better when separated from the pack- less intense color- and seem waxy and good for wet-ish foods, like eggs and apples slices. They also have wider than average bottoms, even though they read "standard size" on the package, which worked very nicely for this sort of bento. However, Zeus informed me that they had been leaking dye on all his food!

So, these paper cups dyed all his eggs yellow, and got yellow dye all over his apples. He said he kept forgetting to tell me (he did eat his lunches anyway). So, no more of those. Bummer. They would have lasted quite a while nicely. They made a great, cheap way to keep these bentos going smoothly. Too bad about the dye leak-age. Bleh.
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