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CatGirl Pink's Bento & Cooking Experiments

Stay tuned for discovered bento gear, meal experiments, & recipes.

CatGirl Pink
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My new blog for making bento lunches, experimenting in cooking, and tracking down nifty bento supplies. >^_^<

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Featured Recipe

Perfect Pork Fried Rice -
[American] Chinese Restaurant style

perfect Pork Fried Rice


Featured Stores

Shokado Blue Rabbit Bento Box from RaijinJapan on eBayRaijin Shop Japan
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for lots of Bento boxes, bento accessories, and sets, Japanese snacks, and many Japanese products.
Maneki Neko (Lucky Cat) Red Bento Box from LuckyShipper on eBayLuckyShipper.com
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for many Bento boxes, bento accessories, sushi molds, kitchen and home items, and much more.

~ The Joy of Bento ~

shrimp with thai sweet hot chili sauce, broccoli jungle, banana blueberry strawberry salad with fat free whipped cream shaped eggs, x-large red octo-dogs fish egg with large air pocket mouth tonkatsu, broccoli, flower biscuits with strawberries & side of whipped cream, tonkatsu sauce in Hello Kitty cup broccoli jungle

medieval blanc mange (almond milk rice with chicken & watercress, heart ham sandwiches, strawberry banana salad, flower cucumbers Hello Biscuit - Hello Kitty with strawberry bow & nose & blueberry eyes Charmmy Kitty box with pork fried rice, heart corn muffin, flower cucumber carrot salad with light lime vinegarette apple blossom with raisin center, pork fried rice, ham & cheese flowers lettuce & heart carrots salad, pink heart cup of frozen blueberries & strawberries, ranch dressing in blue Hello Kitty cup, bbq sauce for chicken box in pink Hello Kitty cup breaded chicken, broccoli, blueberry banana salad with fat free whipped cream, leftover tonkatsu sauce in Hello Kitty cup

Plastic Types and Food Safety

A lot of great bento supplies can be random, cheap finds of small plastic containers and other kitchen tools at dollar stores or in various store dollar bins, and/or reuse of small plastic containers from various products. This can be really great, but can also leave you wondering what is safe to contain your food.

For anyone interested in plastic identification for food safety, etc, I started working on this chart of common US Plastic Safety Symbols.

Plastic safety can also be determined when the plastic is numbered.
A guide to what the numbered plastics 1-7 are can be found at the National Geographic sponsored Green Guide.
Safest plastics for food are 5, 4, and 2.
Potentially unsafe plastics are 7, 6, and 3.

US plastic safety symbols

I would love to add more symbols to this chart, including international symbols, to make it much more useful to the bento consumer. I couldn't find much online though, so if you know of any identifiable symbols on Japanese or other plastics that could help people in purchasing, please send them to me! Thanks! >^_^<

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