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Sandwich wrap, carrots, granola.. Bento restarting in 4, 3, 2...

Hello everyone, welcome back? As I have become active again in the LJ bento communities, I have noticed a few people add me to their friends list (ZOMG, readerz!!!). I had always hoped that this blog would provide some sort of resource for people, if only ideas on cheap gear finds (apparently those entries are dominating my post count..). I've been meaning to get back to this blog for a while now.

The tags I've set up are a good way to find what you're looking for. At some point, I'll try to make a better directory of them to post on my profile page, since LJ's tags links seem oddly difficult to notice from any main pages. I don't know if I'll ever be able to integrate a nifty design like the bento blogs that have their own sites, like Biggie's Lunch In A Box or Pikko's Adventures in Bentomaking, but I'll do what I can. >^_^<

I have, since last summer, become settled in a new state, and a new job. The new job started me a while back getting back into bento lunches, and so now I will begin again in bento blogging. >^_^< All along the way I've been collecting new gear, always intent on re-starting bento when I would need it again. I'm always on the lookout for bento gear at stores, so I've collected a lot to share by now. I have so many photos of gear and lunches backlogged now that I hardly knew where to start.

But I have to start somewhere, and I suppose the photo supply will keep me going for quite a while. >^_^< To start us off, this is a lunch I made before I had the new job, when I had to go out to the University labs for a day very early, and would need good food to keep me going at lunch time. >^_^<

Here I have used two of the green Snap & Seal boxes from Jo-Ann Fabrics (443ml each) to make my lunch. It was a little big for me. I have a sandwich wrap made with a tomato basil wrap, romaine lettuce, mustard, ham, cheese, tomato, green pepper, and pickles. The other one has baby carrots, ranch dressing in the Hello Kitty cup, and a crumbled oats & honey granola bar in the heart cup.
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